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Going further - with Ford :)

Meet this amazing family: Jenn, Jeremy, and Ford. Oh - their adorable follow-you-around-everywhere doggo, Zero. She moved from MD and met Jeremy here in CO. The rest is history :)

Their home is absolutely adorable. Cozy, modern and personal touches grace every corner. I absolutely loved stepping in the door and capturing a day in their life. It all started with some couch time, silly giggles and gurgles, and then some bounce time in Ford's favorite chair. Then, it was up on the breakfast table with their coffee ritual together. I loved this! All three of them with their mugs...just the cutest. Then -

"Breakfast is a big deal here in this house", they said. So - we captured the cooking of some eggs and more coffee drinking. I've realized that it really is these seemingly simple mundane moments that are the most special. It was so beautiful that they wanted me to capture this in their cozy kitchen :)

From there, we ventured upstairs to Ford's colorful room, read some books and played with trains. Jeremy works as a train engineer (how cool is that!?), and this seemed extra special that they were playing with the wooden tracks and cars together. Listening to Jenn read some books aloud and watching Ford's face as she read was seriously precious. Jenn is a local aesthetician (hit her up tho! and she certainly was glowing as she spent this time with her son... After the shoot, I asked about what & why they are celebrating in and with these photos. This was the response:

"They say you don't recognize the importance of someone until they're gone. And although Ford's impact on our lives is extremely felt, and welcomed, at the moment I know as his dimples on his hands fade, and his cheeks become less round there will be an overwhelming sense of gratitude towards the baby who made me a Mom. So I'm celebrating the gifts he has already given me with the recognition I will be even more grateful as time goes by."

I don't know about you, but I definitely tear up reading this. How beautiful! I love it.

Enjoy seeing a peek into this in-home shoot & seeing what they're celebrating...


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