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Runnin like ~ Runner...

"We can begin with my name, Runner Francisco. Growing up, the most commonly asked question ever asked of me has been, "Do you like to run?" Ahh. How original. Truly. In short, yes. Yes, I do like to run.

I was named after a verse in the bible that calls us to "... run with endurance the race that is set before us..." I've been running and running ever since I was a child. I am often described by friends as obsessive and non-stop.

As for me and these pictures, I use them to continue my running. I have a dream set before me that I wish to celebrate, a dream I wish to see come true. These photos are a tool for me to keep on running without having to slow down. I celebrate the race before me."

Isn't that good? I love what he celebrates. I love what race he's in. The specific race that I know this guys is running is in theater. He's worked at local theater companies in the Denver area including The Arvada Center and Miner's Alley playhouse in Golden, CO. When he is not in rehearsals or auditions, Runner attends Front Rage Community College and works as a barista. Artists tend to juggle many balls in the air -- and are just damn good at it.

This shoot was just a treat. We started in the art gallery and then moved outside to a particularly cool black wall and colorful garage door. Turning up the jams made for some fun shots; I love doing this on shoots! Music changes things. Period. I think laughter is the key ingredient to a great shoot. It keeps it a non-serious way. With Runner's love for theater and these photos being used at his professional headshots, you can see the famous "Hamilton-esque" pose that we snagged in the gallery :) Also - his silly faces are some of my favorites. Find "The Jim" and "Blue Steel".

Enjoy :)


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