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My name is Bekah-Lynn (she/her/hers). And I believe: Everyone deserves to be truly seen and everyone deserves to be truly celebrated. 


Quality photos can help get you SEEN, and my photo sessions help you feel CELEBRATED. 

(SEEN: What do I mean? Ok, I believe in getting great photos AND having a great time getting them. AKA: My sessions are not quiet and awkward. I don't make you hold weights *yes, it's a thing*, or make you look like someone you're not. I AM -  very vocal, play music and give you genuine support, encouragement and give simple, specific directions. My main priority is for you to be as  comfortable as possible. I get to know you in the little time we have. I want to capture the real YOU.)


(CELEBRATED: What do I mean? So, it can feel very vulnerable in front of the lens. I get it. I honor that. It's an opportunity. For vulnerability, for trust in self and really, if I can get real deep, that - you're worthy. Worthy of your dreams, your work, your play, your people, your place. I believe photography can celebrate that practice of belief. It can celebrate YOU and what makes up your world.)

**WARNING: I get very excited during sessions, acting quite exuberant at times, while also cracking some bad jokes / acting a fool. You've been warned.

I specialize in portraits and event photography - which covers the gambit really: headshots, family photos, couples photos, lifestyle branding, productions, parties, you name it. 


I work with a DSLR Canon 5D Mark IV and a variety of Canon/Tamron lenses. I operate out of my own daylight photo studio in Glen Park, SF - as well as various local Bay Area locations for event / larger group portrait shoots. It is also very important that I intentionally acknowledge that my business is owned and operated on stolen land of the Ramaytush Ohlone people. 


A bit more about me? I was born and raised in Colorado, and started up BL Photography in the Denver area around 2016. I have lived and been running this biz in San Francisco April, 2021, loving the Bay area life with my rescue dog Addie and life-partner, Daniel :) 


Good food and drink paired with meaningful conversation are my fave. #happyhour I get a little more red than tan, but LOVE the sun. I love making fires, smelling the rain and pursuing work in my other job as a professional actor locally in the Bay Area and beyond.


I can't wait to meet you, get to know some of your story and celebrate it through a seriously fun photo sesh and get you, some beautiful 



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