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My name is Bekah Lynn, and I believe in getting great photos AND having a great time getting them. AKA: My sessions are not a quiet and awkward; I'm very vocal, play music and give you genuine support, encouragement and specific directions. I don't expect you to know what to do, but I don't over-pose either. I want to capture the real YOU.

It can feel vulnerable in front of the lens. I get it and honor that. It's an opportunity. For vulnerability, trust in self and really, that you're worthy. I believe photography can celebrate; it can celebrate YOU and whatever needs celebrating: family, new job, new kiddo, graduation, losing the weight, or just some serious self care!

**Warning: I get very excited and into it, being quite exuberant at times while also cracking some bad jokes / acting a fool. 

I specialize in portraits - which covers the gambit really: headshots, family photos, couples photos, lifestyle branding, you name it. I bring this specialty to weddings and other celebratory events too (yay!)
I shoot on a DSLR Canon 5D Mark IV with several Canon and Tamron lenses. While I do have lighting equipment for studio-type shoots, I prefer all the natural light and primarily shoot outdoors. YES golden light.

A bit more: I'm a native to Colorado and started BL Photography in the Denver area in 2016. I now live and run my business in San Francisco with my rescue dog Addie and hubs, Daniel. 

Good food and drink paired with meaningful conversation are my fave. I get a little more red than tan, love making fires, smelling the rain and pursuing work as a professional actor locally in the Bay Area and beyond.

I can't wait to meet you, get to know some of your story and celebrate it through a fun shoot and great shots!

- Bekah Lynn

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