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Meet Audrey: A Savvy Special Senior

Yes, okay -- I do love me some good alliterations... :)

This girl is something special. She graduates this year from Artios Academy in Castle Rock where "Artios is art. Artios is heart. Artios is smart!" And this girl is certainly that!

A here's just a little bit more about this special savvy senior:

"I’m 18, I have two younger sisters and a black lab-boarder collie mix. I’ve lived most of my life in Colorado: Durango, then Castle Rock. I love reading, writing, and acting, but I do get outside sometimes to ski, and hike😄my favorite smells are old books and crisp winter air, and I consider myself an expert in the Lore of Tolkien’s Middle Earth.

Not only did I have the privilege of taking these senior photos of her, but weeks before, I shot her performance of Beauty and the Beast...which...was AMAZING! The cast ranged from middle to high schoolers and they truly made me LOL and even tear up a bit.

I believe that photos celebrate something. And when I asked Audrey what she is celebrating in these photos, this is what she said:

"In the pictures I was super happy about the sunshine and gorgeous view: God’s beautiful creation is certainly something I love to celebrate! It’s definitely a lot easier to slow down and appreciate life for what it is when you’re outside in the fresh air. It also makes problems that normally overwhelm you seem a lot smaller and insignificant.☺️"

Isn't that beautiful? 18 people, 18. Yes, indeed something. And such a beautiful soul and story. Being written and beginning and ending. Celebrating #allthethings ! And I think she's probably too humble to go into any more detail of her specific achievements at Artios -- including her senior project which includes a host of memorization and creation as she is a Theater major there. I love it! A girl after my own heart. Just wonderful. And please - check out Artios' website here to find out more about this fabulous Academy:

Audrey's amazing mom, Renée is in leadership there at Artios as well and came on this super fun and rather windy shoot. It was a blast. I can tell that this mama and daughter have a special connection. At one point, I had Audrey look at Renée and there were definitely some watery eyes...including mine! This is her first kiddos to graduate and it's certainly a special celebratory bitter-sweet time. I love capturing these moments, these milestones, these memories.

Cheers to you, Audrey! I'm so excited for you and all that is to come. Break legs. ;) <3 I hope we can keep celebrating together in the future behind the lens...

PS - thanks for being the very FIRST blog post AND the very first shoot I shot with my new lens...


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