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Turning One. #cakesmash

Turning one is quite the milestone, I'd say. Cason and Laura did such an amazing job with this one. Let me tell you, the guac was amazing and so were these loving humans.

It's kind of more obvious with this, but I ask what I always ask and that is: What and why are you celebrating with these photos? They answered:

"We are celebrating August 1st birthday We wanted to remember this milestone in his life and ours. It’s been a full adventure this last year and we wanted to celebrate him and us as a family."

I love it! It's so good. Cason is a worship leader at Denver United church and Laura is a musician herself + a stay-at-home mom with August. They are an amazing couple. I've loved capturing their growing family! Here are some other details that came with this fun celebration:

"We decided to have Cason make his birthday cake at home. We found a recipe online that was a sugar free raspberry cake! The raspberry made it all the more messy when he smashed into it. Such a fun memory!

We bought him a big red barn with farm animals inside and he seemed to get excited to play with it. Right now he loves animals and is trying to copy all their sounds. His favorite was a soft, stuffed dog that quickly become something he wanted to snuggle and carry around with him.

We were actually wondering if it would freak him out having all these people here. From the first person till the last he would crackle and crawl quickly to the door as guests arrived. It seemed like he was enjoying his party more than we were! That’s really what the day was about... him and so to see him so happy made our hearts so full."

What an epic cake-smashing first birthday for this guy! I also really really loved the Greatest Showman theme -- "But it's all an adventure that comes with a breathtaking view." That's what the canvas says where they had him stamp his little hand, and then everyone added a finger print stamp. (so cute!!)

Enjoy :)


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