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And then there were three...well, almost.

It was a crisp spring day and just chilly enough that the greenhouse was the perfect location for this couples/maternity shoot!

Alex and Sandra met a few years ago from mutual friends. They hit it off after finally meeting (by the persuasion of their matchmakers), and were married in 2018! Now, they're expecting their first kiddo. They are going to make just the most beautiful family - dang.

It was so special to spend time with these two. The excitement about becoming parents was so real and I loved seeing the sweet tender love shared between them. The little boy is going to be SO loved. He's due in May -- and I hope that I'll get to take photos of all three of them when he arrives!

Sandra picked out the most beautiful outfits for this shoot. The sheer white for the first half and a colorful orange and stunning white necklace for the second. There were moments when I had had to just put aside the lens and just take in the beauty of it all!

The two live in Central City and commute down to Denver for work. The quaint nursery in Littleton was the perfect spot to meet up at. Sandra's good friend, Phionah, was there during the shoot helping straighten Sondra's dress and had great ideas for different shots. It was really so fun to be with all three of them.

One slightly funny and real favorite moment during the shoot was when we realized that we had put the baby ultrasound photo and outfit on one of the plant trays and one of the gardeners had rolled it away. We found it. Hah! I guess that come along with shooting in a greenhouse/nursery! And let me tell you, it was worth it people. Look at these images! Just - #gorgeous.

So, here's to celebrating my new friends, Alex & Sandra and their baby boy arriving soon!!

enjoy... :)


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