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Dancin through life - Tobi style :)

This woman. You guys. Man - I celebrate the heck out of her! This shoot was so much fun. We had a blast capturing her headshots as she will be auditioning for local theater in the Denver area. She is a professional dancer and choreographer. I actually had the privilege or working with her on a musical in Parker last summer. It was so fun!

Along with being a dancer and teacher AND a regular day job, she's a killer mom. Basically, a super star, right? Her smile and life are infectious.

We were at the Parker Arts Center for this shoot. We shot inside some and then right outside on their patio and a nature path. Tobi's choice of dress made her natural beauty pop. While on the patio in her second outfit, we turned up the jams. We said, "Why didn't we do this earlier?!" It certainly added a fun and "dance-y" vibe to it. The light was perfect and I just loved capturing Tobi in her element.

You can see her arm tattoo in some of the photos. Isn't it beautiful? It reads "To be continued". I adore that. It has so many meanings and they are filled with hope. That is certainly who Tobi is - hope-filled. She inspires so many. I can't wait for her to book some gigs here in town dancing and choreographing shows! I'm keeping my fingers crossed I'll be able to work with her on the stage or behind the camera again...I hope it's so soon! She's a true delight.

Enjoy :)


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